Located downtown Des Moines on 13th Street, between Grand and Locust Streets
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Ritual Cafe
Where great coffee is a daily ritual.
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Ritual Cafe Music
Indie music has graced our stage for 7 years and we have been blessed by artists like Ellis, Coyote Grace, Martine Locke and James Biehn, just to name a few. Local and touring musicians, beat poets and performance theater artists are all welcome. 

Please "Contact Us" button to inquire about performing on the Ritual stage.
"Listening to music at the Ritual is like being in my living room...only better. "

~ anonymous customer
Ritual's Past Life Regressions...
So many artists have blessed our stage. Here are many of them. If you once graced the stage at Ritual and would like to be featured here, please use the "Contact Us" button above. 
Coyote Grace
Martine Locke
Kelly Jo Phelps
Mary McAdams
Leslie Hall
Eric Himan
Rosie Burgess Trio
​Rae & the Honeybees
BeJae Flemming
LoJo Russo
James Biehn
Namoli Brennet
Nervous But Exicited
Thankful Dirt
Magic Mama
Strange Byrds
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